This CMS user help guide is for version of the SilverStripe CMS (an older version) and may not be maintained any more.


In this section:

  • Learn how to create blogs
  • Learn how to post to a blog
  • Learn how to enable or disable comments

Before we begin:

  • Make sure that your SilverStripe installation has the Blog module installed.
  • Make sure you are in the "Pages" section on the Navigation Tabs in the Content Management System backend (CMS).

Creating blogs

Creating a new blog

On the top of the Contents pane, you will find a button marked "Create." Click it, and a drop-down menu will show up. Select "Blog Holder." Then hit the "Go" button.

Creating a new blog

You will notice that a new blog holder page has been created, with the name of "New Blogholder".

Click on the new blog holder to start creating posts.


Don't worry if you create your blog in the "wrong" place. Pages can be moved and re-ordered easily, and we will cover that under "Managing Your Site".

Naming your blog

To name your blog, click on the blog holder page in the site-tree pane, and then, in the Editing Pane, click on the "Content" tab if it it not already selected, and then the "Main" page.

Here you will be presented with three forms. The first is for the Page name - this will define what the blog will be known as in the CMS, but it will also be used to form the "default" navigation label and URL for the page, though both can be changed manually.

Below it, you will find the Navigation Label. This will define what the blog will show up as when listed in forum page on the public-facing front page of your site. If you fill in the Page Name first, it will automatically put the page name in the navigation label field. It is usually, but not always, a good idea to leave it the same. If you wish to change the navigation label but not the page name, you can do so here.

Finally, there is the Content box. In the content box, you can write a description of the blog's contents. This is optional but helps to eliminate ambiguity.

Naming your blog

Creating a blog post

To create a blog post, click on your Blog Holder page in the Page Tree in the site-tree Pane. Then click the "Add new" button at the top of the the site tree pane. Select "Blog Entry" from the pagetype list, and click "Create." This will create a new blog entry as a subpage of your blog holder page. You may then edit the page like a normal page see "Creating and Editing Content" for more details.

Creating a blog post

Enabling and disabling comments

By default, comments on blog posts are enabled. To disable comments on a single post, choose the blog post you wish to disable comments for in the Contents pane on the left hand side, then choose the "Settings" tab in the Editing Pane. You can disable comments by un-checking the box next to "Allow comments on this page?"

After you have made these changes, hit the "Save" button in the bottom right hand of the editing pane.

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