Version 5 supported

Optional features

Silverstripe CMS can be highly customised using many of the modules listed in the Silverstripe CMS module directory. This section highlights some of the CMS features provided by the Silverstripe CMS supported modules. In each case you'll need to ensure you have the module installed on your website in order to use the features described here.

Working with blogging and comments in SilverStripe CMS.
CKAN Registry
Display data from an external CKAN resource
Content blocks
Break up a web page into blocks that allow content like banners, text and media to be independently managed within the CMS.
Content review
Mark pages in the CMS with a date and an owner for future reviews.
Document Converter
Quickly populate your website from your existing document resources.
Creating forms in the CMS
How to use the UserForms module to create forms via the CMS.
IFrame page
Embed IFrames in your website without adding custom code
Managing links in the CMS
How to use the Link Field module to manage links in the CMS.
Installed Modules Report
Assists with the maintenance of your SilverStripe application
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Online databases and registries
How to manage databases and registries using the CMS
Managing publishing workflows
Setting up and using a publishing workflow with the Advanced Workflow module.
Share draft content
Share draft page content with non-CMS users.
Content change RSS
Adds page or site wide RSS feeds that display content changes
Add and edit simple taxonomies in the CMS.
Working with multiple websites
Setting up and editing multiple websites using SilverStripe