Version 5 supported


This section will provide guidance for working with pages in the Silverstripe CMS and common actions to add, structure and how to navigate your way around your website content.

Creating new pages
Add new pages and descriptions of the default page types.
Reordering page structure
Using the drag and drop interface to organise your content.
Unpublishing pages
Removing pages from the website without deleting the draft content.
Archiving a page
Removing pages from the site.
Rolling Back to a Previous Page Version
Viewing the history, comparing changes and rolling back to old page versions.
Restoring an archived page
Guidance on restoring an archived page at a later date.
Hiding a Page (hide from menus and search)
Hide a page so it will not appear in the website navigation menus or search
Batch actions
Performing actions on multiple pages at once.
Searching for pages
Using the site tree search to find pages.