Creating hyperlinks in webpages

Instead of "Click here" or "Click here to read more about widgets" as the link text, it would be better to say "Read more about widgets". You can also add additional information in the link description field (available to screen readers), although it's best practice that the description is different from the link text and provides additional clarification (otherwise screen readers will read the text twice).

  1. You can either type out the link text in the HTML editor or select where you want the link to be added and enter the Link text later.
  2. Click and drag across the text that you'd like to add a link to, to highlight it.
  3. Click the button Insert Link.
  4. Choose the type of link you'd like to create.
  1. Select the option Page on this site.
  2. Select a page from the Select a page dropdown field.
  3. Select a page to link and click the button Insert link.

There are different processes for internal and external links. When pages are moved or deleted, the links on other pages of the site will be automatically changed to the new pages location. This allows you to move pages around without worrying about breaking the site's structure or checking the site for broken links.

Anchor on a page

  1. Select the option Link to external URL.
  2. Select a page and Anchor from the dropdown fields. Enter the following link specifications:
    • Link text (if you have not preselected text already)
    • Link description
    • Open in new window/tab
  3. Click the button Insert Link.
  1. Select the option Link to external URL.
  2. Enter the full website address in the empty URL field. This link should start with http:// or https://
  3. Click the button Insert Link.
  1. Select the option Link to email address.
  2. Enter the e-mail address that you'd like to link to.
  3. Click the button Insert Link.
  1. Select the option Link to a file. You can either:
    • Click the button Upload. In the modal that opens, locate the file on your computer and click the button Open.
    • Select a file from the CMS.
  2. Click the button Insert link.

You can also add hyperlinks to documents that you have uploaded to your website, such as a PDF file, DOC file, audio file, video file, or any sort of file that is not a webpage. See Images and documents to learn more.

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