Version 5 supported

Unpublishing pages

  1. Select the page you want to unpublish, click the button More options which is shown as a ellipses icon in the Publishing bar.
  2. Select the option Unpublish and the page will be removed from the site.
  3. You can add any required changes, and click the button Save which will save those changes without making the page live.
  4. Click the button Publish when you want to republish the page to the live version again.

How do I know which pages have been unpublished?

Pages that exist as drafts, but are not yet published, will be marked with a Draft label in the site tree. When you create a new page, it will only exist as a Draft, until you click the button Publish.

If you have no plans to re-publish the page in the near future, you can Unpublish and archive and recover the page at a later date, see Restoring archived pages to learn more.