Version 3 end of life
This version of Silverstripe CMS will not recieve any additional bug fixes or documentation updates. Go to documentation for the most recent stable version.

Archiving a page

Any page in the CMS can be archived, which removes it from both the staging and live sites, but retains the page in the internal version history.

Quick Reminder

  1. Click on more options
  2. Click archive , then OK

Archiving pages

  1. While in the editing view for the page you wish to archive, click on more options at the bottom.
  2. Click on archive , then click OK. This will remove the page from the Draft site and the live Published site.

[note] The page shall be removed from the live and draft sites, and shall show in the site tree as archive , with a line through it. At any point you can restore the page by clicking on the restore button button. As soon as the CMS interface is reloaded, the archived page shall no longer appear in the site tree. However, it is still possible to recovered any archived pages at a later date, see the Restoring archived pages help section. [/note]

Archive a single page