Version 3 end of life
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Advanced Embargo and Expirty

Publish target by version

The WorkflowPublishTargetJob supports publishing a specific (approved) version of a DataObject, however, it requires some extra steps on our part.

Versioned::publish() supports the publication of a specific version number to a specific stage, however, in SiteTree:doPublish() we can see that the usage of $this->publish(..) is hard coded to always publish from "Stage" to "Live".

To get around this, you will need to do two things.


You will need to implement a new method onto your Versioned DataObjects called doVersionPublish. This method, at the very least, will need to call publish(), but you could do anything/everything else from doPublish() as well.

Where you implement this method is up to you. In the example below, we've added doVersionPublish to a DataExtension which has been applied to SiteTree:

public function doVersionPublish()
    if (!$this->owner->canPublish()) {
        return false;

    $stage = 'Stage';
    if ($this->owner->hasField('Version')) {
        $stage = $this->owner->getField('Version');

    // Handle activities undertaken by extensions
    $this->owner->invokeWithExtensions('onBeforePublish', $original);
    $this->owner->publish($stage, "Live");

    // Handle activities undertaken by extensions
    $this->owner->invokeWithExtensions('onAfterPublish', $original);

    return true;

Our publish() method now looks for a field called Version on our DataObject, and if it's available, it uses that as the Stage. Which brings us to,


Your Versioned DataObjects will need to have an available database field called Version (by default, anything extending SiteTree will have this field). This value is passed to the WorkflowPublishTargetJob at the time of approval. WorkflowPublishTargetJob::process will then retrieve this version of your DataObject, and call doVersionPublish on that DataObject.

Because doVersionPublish is called on that specific version of your DataObject, it will know what version number it is, and when publish($stage, "Live") is called, it will publish that specific version.