Version 3 end of life
This version of Silverstripe CMS will not recieve any additional bug fixes or documentation updates. Go to documentation for the most recent stable version.

Using workflows

Requesting publication (authors)

Depending on the specific permissions content authors have, authors may only have the ability to create or edit content and to request publication, but not to actually publish content - making it publicly viewable - themselves.

  • Content Author - Non-admin: To request publication, save your page using the "Save Draft" button on the bottom menu of the Editing Pane. Once your content has been saved within the CMS, you can then request publication by pressing the "Apply for Approval" button (or equivalent, depending on how your workflow has been setup) in the same bottom menu of the Editing Pane.
  • Content Publisher - Admin: You will be asked to add a comment about your edits. This comment will become a part of the audit trail for your content, and we recommend adding this information. However, it is not enforced, and can you can safely proceed while leaving this field blank.

Depending on how your workflow is setup, users and/or groups configured with "approval" permissions will be alerted via email and be able to login to the CMS and see your page as a pending approval request when they view the workflow admin. The publisher will then need to review your request and if happy, will likely publish it.

Approving and publishing content (editors / managers)

Depending on the setup of workflow, publishers may receive an e-mail when authors have requested publication. Publishers then select the 'Workflow' navigation item to view a report of pending items and by selecting one form the list, be able to access the approval step. In the following screen, the drop-down menu will display the next approval step based on the workflow for this page. Publishers are also able to enter in comments here, detailing their approval or cancel/deny the approval if necessary.